In this tutorial, we will cover creating a NetLeaders gift code. Gift codes can be used to activate a license on the NetLeders platform. At the moment, gift codes for advocate status and Gift Codes for licenses have to be activated separately.

To begin, log in to your user Dashboard and click on the Gift Codes link from the left-hand side menu.

On the Gift Codes page, you will see all gift codes previously made (if any), as well as the “Generate Gift Code” button. You should also check if you have enough funds for the desired gift code. If not, you can always make a Pay In to top up your account. You can find detailed information about this in the following article 'How to make a Pay In request'.

When you’re ready to create the Gift Code click the Generate Gift Code button.

You will now be asked to choose the Gift Code you wish to create.

Clicking on the Choose A Gift Code Type drop-down will give you a list of Gift Codes which can be created.

Click on the Gift Code you wish to create and click the Generate button.

Clicking on the Generate button will create a new, unused Gift Code of the selected type.

Your Gift Code is now ready to be used on either your account or to be sent to someone else. A Gift Code can only be used once, so make sure you are sending it to the correct person.

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