In this tutorial, we will cover requesting a new confirmation email for our account.

If your confirmation mail did not arrive automatically once the account creation was completed (You can find detailed information about this in the following article 'Setting up a Netleaders account'), you may manually request the confirmation email be resent from the Login screen of the NetLeaders site. You can access the confirmation resend page by clicking on the Didn’t receive confirmation instructions link.

To resend the confirmation email, input your username and click the Resend Confirmation Instructions button.

The message confirming your success will pop up and you will be asked to check your email inbox.

In your inbox, you will receive an email with the confirmation button. Clicking on the Confirm Your Account button will finish the verification of your account.

You will be brought back to the NetLeaders site to log in to your account. This completes the verification process of your account.

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