In this tutorial, we will cover how to reset Netleaders account password.

In case you forget your password, you can always request that a password reset link be sent to the email address associated with your NetLedaers account. To access the password reset page from the Sign in page, click on the Forgot your password link. 

You will then be asked to enter the username of the account you are trying to reset the password for. Once you enter the username and click on the RESET PASSWORD button, a notification will appear showing that the password reset email has been successfully sent.

In your inbox, the email will look like this. Click on the Click Here To Reset Password button to be returned to the NetLeaders site.

You will land on a page with a password reset form. You need to make sure to input the password twice. The password needs to be at least 8 characters long and it needs to contain at least one number.

Clicking on the CHANGE PASSWORD button, you will be redirected to the Sing in page and a notification will let you know that your password has been successfully updated.

You are now able to log in to your account using your new password.

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