Transfer to DasWallet

In our system, the process of sending funds from NetLeaders to DasWallet is called Transfer to DasWallet. To start the transfer, log in to your 
NetLeaders dashboard and navigate to the My Balances page. 

From there click on the Cash Options and choose the Send to DasWallet option.

Now you can choose from your available NetLeaders account balance how much you wish to send to your DasWallet account. Then click on Submit Request to proceed.

You will be asked to review your request. If you are satisfied with the amount click on the Confirm and Finish button.

A confirmation message will pop up to notify you of the request being successfully submitted. The transfer of funds takes from 20-30 minutes on average.

Once the funds have been transferred you will be able to find them in your DasWallet account in the Vault > Cash(w€) section.

From here you’re able to use the available cash balance as you wish. This concludes the Transfer of Funds from NetLeaders to DasWallet.

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