Purchasing a license

In this tutorial, we will go through the process of purchasing a license and joining the DasEcosystem.

After going through the account registration process (You can find detailed information about this in the following article '
Setting up a Netleaders account') you will be presented with the option to obtain a license. There are several licenses to choose from. Each license brings with it a different number of Cycles, upgrades, and maximum available DasCoins. To learn more, please visit the opportunity page.

Once you have chosen the desired license, click on the Choose button. You will then be brought to the "Statement of Understanding" page. To proceed from this page, tick all the agreement boxes at the bottom of the text and click on the Proceed button.

Now you will be offered to purchase an Advocate status for your license. The Advocate status is used to earn commissions from other users who would wish to use your username to sign up to NetLeaders. The Advocate license is not mandatory and is only used for receiving commissions.

You will then be brought to the "Statement of Understanding" page. To proceed from this page, tick all the agreement boxes at the bottom of the text and click on the Proceed button.

Once you decide whether you would like to become an Advocate or not, you will be taken to the payment options page. Here you can choose which payment processor you would like to use in the purchasing of the licenses. In case you chose to purchase the Advocate status as well as the license, the Gift Code option will be unavailable, as Advocate status has to be purchased with a separate Gift Code.

To see additional details about each payment processor, click on the Payment Instructions button. This will show detailed descriptions of each payment processor. Which processors you see and are available to use depends on your current location.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will choose Bitcoin. You will be shown details about the transaction we need to make for the license to be activated. As is stated on the payment invoice, the payment needs to take place within a 10-hour window. The system checks for activity on the address you were given for 10 hours, after which the payment automatically goes into canceled status. If you have sent the payment and your license has not been activated within that 10-hour window, it might be due to paying low fees for the transaction or due to the fees deducted from wallet providers and exchanges. Some exchanges have fixed charges for withdrawing funds to addresses. When conducting a transaction, you need to make sure that the difference those charges will make leaves you with the correct amount to be submitted to the payment address, since the system is sensitive and has a small margin for error.

The address to which the payment has to be made will be sent to the email address you used to set up your account.

Until the transaction has been completed the following message will be displayed on the dashboard. You can cancel the payment at any time. 

Please note: in case you choose to cancel the payment from the dashboard, the system stops checking for payment on the bitcoin address associated with that order. In case you have already sent funds to that address and canceled before the system updated please contact us at our email address.

Contact us

Should you need further help please drop us a line at support@netleaders.com