NetLeaders account creation

In this tutorial, we will cover how to register for a NetLeaders account.

To reach the registration page, you can either follow a referral link from an active advocate or you can go directly to the landing page of 
NetLeaders and then click on the Sign In in the top right corner.

Here you will be asked to input the name of your sponsor. If you followed a referral link, the sponsor name will already be automatically input. Otherwise, you will need to input the sponsor username manually. If you do not have a sponsor, you can always use the promo code CryptoLabs or MillionaireAsia to be given a random sponsor from a pool of users.

The choice between creating a Personal or Company accounts is made here as well.

With the sponsor name is entered, the rest of the registration fields open up. Here you choose your username and input your personal information. Please note that the username has to have at least 3 characters and that the password has to have at least 8 characters and one number.

On the next page, please review the details of the registration and accept the sponsor you chose. Please make sure you review this information several times as the sponsor, once set, cannot be changed.

Upon confirming the validity of the data, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

The email will contain a link to confirm your account. Please click on the Confirm Your Account button to verify our account.

You will now be brought back to the “Sign in” page. Here, use the username and password you chose during the registration of the account to Log in.

With this, you have successfully logged into your account and finished the account creation process.

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