NetLeaders Login

Please visit our official website, and upon the Home screen, you will notice the Sign In button located at the top-right corner of our main navigation bar. You will be required to Log in using your username and password credentials. Once entering this information and ensuring it's accuracy you will enter your Dashboard after clicking Log In.

Make a Payout Request

After successfully signing in to your Netleaders account please check your left-hand side of the screen for the option My Balances.

On this page, you will see the available cash balance on your account. To access the Payout option please click on the CASH OPTIONS button.

As visible on the slide, there are two ways to payout:
1. Payout in Bitcoin, which is further explained in this tutorial
2. Digital Wallet, which is used to payout in cash is explained in the article 'Berkeley digital wallet creation tutorial

In the field with the number, the amount you wish to take from your account balance should be entered. To finish the Payout request click on the SEND VERIFICATION LINK button.
Please note: the Minimum amount is €10.

You will then receive an email on the address which is associated with the account.

 In that email you will receive a confirmation link. You need to click on Click Here To Confirm Your Payout button to continue with Payout request.

After confirming your Payout request by email you will be asked to provide the Bitcoin address that you wish your Payout amount transferred into. After that, we need to click on the NEXT button.

After we review the Bitcoin Payout request click on CONFIRM AND FINISH.

A payout confirmation message will appear on your screen.

An email will be sent to you that Payout request has been successfully requested and to Support so they can pay to the customer on certain Bitcoin address.

Please note: In case your Payout request is still in the canceled state on your NetLeaders account after completing all the steps, please refresh your page. Payouts are usually finalized some 48-72 hours from the moment you sent a Payout request.

Contact us

Should you need further help please drop us a line at