NetLeaders Login

Please visit our official website, and upon the Home screen, you will notice the Sign In button located at the top-right corner of the main navigation bar. You will be required to Log in using your username and password credentials. Once entering this information and ensuring it's accuracy you will enter your Dashboard after clicking Log In.

Berkeley - Digital Wallet

In this tutorial, you will go through the process of creating a Berkeley account and combining it with your NetLeaders account. If you already possess a Berkeley account please click on

Combination of Netleaders and Berkeley accounts.

To start the process, please log into the NetLeaders account dashboard. And click on the My Balances button. 

From my Balances page, go to the Cash Options.

In Cash Options tab select the Digital Wallet option.

You will be shown a notification that you should connect a Berkeley account with your NetLeaders Digital Wallet. Please click the Proceed button to continue.

In this step you can choose whether to combine an existing Berkeley account with your NetLeaders account or to create a new Berkeley account. If you already have a Berkeley account please click on

Combination of Netleaders and Berkeley accounts and if you need to create a new account please continue reading. Next, click on the Create an account button.

On this page fill in the details such as Date of Birth. First and Last names are required and must be between 2 and 30 English letters.

Enter all the other required details. Please Note: The email address is a unique identifier for the Berkeley account the same way it is for KYC. Please make sure that this is your email address and that is not shared between accounts which you do not possess yourself.

In this step please confirm all the details you have entered. Please note that this information will be sent to Berkeley and cannot be amended from NetLeaders side anymore. Should you need to amend any details at a later date please contact Berkeley support.

Once you click the Submit request button you will receive a confirmation email from the Berkeley platform.

Here is an example of the email in which you will receive the URL link which you should follow to complete registration. Please remember the registration code and click on the link within 30 days. IMPORTANT: Berkeley platform has no email resend option, please do not delete the confirmation email before creating your account. Should the email be lost please contact Berkeley support

Following the link from the email, you will be brought to the final step of the Berkeley account creation page. In there you will need to copy the confirmation code from the confirmation email as well as the Date of Birth you put into the registration form on NetLeaders account. You will also need to create a new password for the Berkeley platform.

To log in to the Berkeley platform please use the email you specified on NetLeaders and password set up at the previous step.

Below is an example of the Berkeley account dashboard. Please note the BFS Account Number in the top right corner, you need this number to connect the account with NetLeaders account.

Combination of Netleaders and Berkeley accounts

You will now need to connect your Berkeley account with your NetLeaders Digital Wallet account. To do so please go back to the My Balances / Digital Wallet page. And click on the Connect an Existing Account button.

You will now be brought to the page where you need to enter the account number found in the Berkeley dashboard. You need to confirm the account number twice and click on the Submit button.

And with that the process of creating and connecting a Berkeley account with our Digital Wallet is complete. As the notification shows, you can change the Berkeley account associated with your Digital Wallet at any time, however, for security reasons, any change will take 24 hours to complete for security reasons. Please note that you can have one Berkeley account combined with multiple NetLeaders accounts if you wish.

Contact us

Should you need further help please drop us a line at and berkeley support for the issues which may occur on the Berkeley platform.