What is KYC and why do I need it?

KYC or Know Your Customer is the process of verifying a user's identity against a trusted third-party source. The purpose of the KYC process is to be compliant with rules and regulations that guard against money laundering, terrorist funding and identity theft. In order for all of us to be as compliant as possible with most of the AML and government regulations we have implemented KYC on the NetLeaders platform. Being KYC verified is required for many functions of our website including:

  1. Generating gift codes

  2. Printing receipts (invoices)

  3. Payouts

  4. If you have earned more than €600 from commissions

NetLeaders Login

Navigate to the Netleaders.com and Sign In to the account you wish complete the KYC verification on.

KYC Validation Process

From the account dashboard click on Settings in the lower left corner of the screen. 

Then, click on KYC Verification/Edit and Start the Process button.

The first thing you need to do is select whether the account is our Personal account or a Company account. The difference is that the company account will be on the name of the person who is legally responsible for the company. Once you have entered all the correct details please click on Proceed button to save the new information.

On the review page you will have the most important data shown to us. This is the last chance to edit your account details. We have to stress once again, your information will most likely be checked against further documents which will be used to prove your identity and address please make sure that you have entered correct and valid details. Then please click the Confirm and submit button

The system will automatically check your details against a global database of names, if your names is matched the KYC application will automatically be approved without the need for further documents. If it is not support agents will manually verify your KYC application using the documents you will provide in the next step.

If automatic verification cannot be made, you will be required to provide additional documents. On this page you can upload the documents necessary for KYC verification, please note the file formats and file size required. Then please click on the Select Document Type to choose which type of document you wish to upload (address, id).

On the Account Information page this message will appear as long as your KYC is pending. Netleaders Support will contact you should you need to supply us with additional documents if some information is mismatched.

Once the KYC application is approved this new message will appear on your account.

In case you have multiple account all accounts with the same email address will be listed under the Your Accounts drop down menu. The account you have KYC verified now acts as your “master” account and from that one you can choose which account to verify next. You can simply click on the account you wish to verify next.

You will only need to type the password of that account and click on the SAVE button. Once that is complete all the information from the master KYC account will be overwritten onto the sub accounts.

And with this you have finished all of our KYC processes.

Contact us

Should you need further help please drop us a line at support@netleaders.com