Why do I need The Validator?

The Validator is a hardware key which allows you to access and manage your funds via your DasWallet account. You may use one Validator for more than one account but we highly recommend every DasWallet account having its own Validator to ensure the network upholds the highest standard of security, allowing users to enjoy total peace of mind. The Validator connects to any computer via USB and has an embedded OLED display to confirm each transaction with a single tap of its buttons. 

How to buy The Validator?

At the moment you can purchase the Validator from your account balance, if you have an insufficient account balance, we kindly ask you to send a Pay-in request through Wallet section within your NetLeaders account.

You can find detailed information about this in the following article 'How to make a Pay In request'We will then send you the amount of Bitcoins (equivalent to the amount in EUR that you submitted within request) and the BTC address where you should make the transfer. Once we receive your funds, we will top up your account. 

NetLeaders Login

Then please visit our official website Netleaders.com, and upon our Home screen, you will notice the Sign In button located at the top-right corner of our main navigation bar. You will be required to Log in using your username and password credentials. Once entering this information and ensuring it's accuracy you will enter your Dashboard after clicking the Login button.

After successfully signing in to your Netleaders account please check your left-hand side of the screen for the Shop tab.

The shop offers multiple products available for purchase. We are currently shopping for the Validator so we click on the Buy Now button next to the Validator. (Please note: The price of The Validator is shown before the shipping is added.)

In this screen, we see the detailed description of the item we are purchasing. We click Proceed to continue.

In this screen, we enter our personal information as well as the address where we wish The Validator to arrive to. We can also choose the type of shipping. Once we have verified that all the information is correct we click on the Next button.

On the final screen, all the details we have entered are listed and once we click on Confirm and Pay. This finishes the Validator order.

Contact us

Should you need further help please drop us a line at support@netleaders.com