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still dont have certificate

Hi i bought a license - on main page i see that payments are closed and i have my license but still on certificate site i see "your certificate will be ready soon" im waiting 1,5 week and still nothing going forward. Do you have the same problem??

3 people have this problem

Hi, bought license 12th of January, still have no license,sent them 2 emails without any response...should I be worry? Thanks

hello I have a similar situation also waiting for over a month, and my problem is not resolved overlooking their dascoin and can not get it to download license

Yes, still I haven't certificate too.

Yes so do I. Had any of you receive the licence yet?

Ja tiež nemam certifikat a zaplatil som im za licenciu a mam to v odoslanej BTC penazenke a to je už 5 dni 

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