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I dont Hvar 36000 cycle online 27600

A few days ago i buy licence 2000€ and you give nr 27600 cycles, at site od written if i buy license 2000€ you give me 36000 cycles
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4 people have this problem

I also have this problem.We have 15% more cycles, not 50%.

I have this problem with Manager licence.

I too get only 27600 cycles instead of 36000.


This is what I received from support after sending a email to them about this problem "Hi Michal, You do not have to worry there is a issue with cycles display at the moment. We expect the developer team to roll out solutions soon and your cycles should be visible. We apologise for the inconvenience." So I hope everything is gonna be ok

Page bookmark is added slowly and, now I can see the tab "my account" we are entering the words "Your certificate will be ready soon" here will be adequate amount. It is only the technical problems.

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