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if you want to buy a license and you do not have to rely on someone use my login wichli18


if you want to buy a license and you do not have to rely on someone use my login wichli18

Dear wichli18.

it is up to you if you want to have your affiliates.

As you are informed, we are now in process of Launch Binary, for all those customers who have their affiliates.

Launch binary extended time is until Friday, 9th December.

After that, all affiliates will be placed automatically in your Binary tree structure.

Here is the procedure for you how to have your own referrals:

If you have new customers who are ready to buy some licences, you can give them your referral link. You can find ref link when you log into your account, go to Your dashboard >> then click on Affiliate button. Ref link is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. For example, your ref link is username)

When they register with your referral link, they will be automatically linked to your account and you can enjoy the benefits once their licenses are activated.

If you have any further questions, please, don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

CL Support Team

Dear Milan

Are you a member of support team?

Why can't I log into my account.
Please confirm my standard licence.
Send me the BTC Invoice.I,'ll confirm you my payment details.

BTC invoices are automatic, please check your email for the address.

I know butt last time I was not received your E-mail after booking standard advocate licence.

We see you have just now created a new order 01 Mar, 2017 09:58

Please check your email for that invoice, the previous order is cancelled and we cannot send you the invoice for that.

No I was not cancel that.Please proceed my first order that I purchased at 21February 2017.

We're sorry but we have in our system that the order has been cancelled by user, we can only activate the order you have made today.

If I send you screen shot of my order then possible to proceed it??

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Here is my order.

You have been sent an invoice when you placed an order today, if you wish to make a purchase please follow the instructions in that invoice. That previous order is not possible to be processed anymore.

Proceed it and make it possible. Discuss it with your superiors. You are running a multinational not a vendor`s shop.
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